Crystal Oil

Crystal Oil – omega-3 fatty acids formulated using new and unique production metods and technology giving superior bioavailability.  Providing a perfect ratio of high omega-3-EPA in their natural triglyceride form, not chemically altered triglycerides.

Unlike molecular destilled concentrates, the omega-3-EPA and DHA are in their natural positions which give a higher bioavailability and better absorption by the body – and the brain.

The body may then better utilize, benefit and absorb the important omega-3 fatty acids, and you may use a lower dose and still experience a better effect.

The 10 True Advantages of Crystal Oil omega-3-EPA

Crystal Oil will provide better and faster results at a lower dose compared to other omega-3 oils.

Crystal Oil is cold-fractionated and cold-filtered to avoid undesirable exposure to unnecessary heat during the refining process. Heat is a fatty acid’s worst enemy, and will cause auto-oxidation, which increases the rate of oxidation. Excessive heat during the production of omega-3 fatty acids will also form unwanted compounds, such as trans fat, cyclic fatty acids and polymer.

With the help of advanced technology, Crystal Oil is cold-fractionated and cold-filtered, thus a more stable and natural oil with low oxidation risk rich in omega-3-EPA.

  1. Natural: Crystal Oil™ – a truly natural, potent high omega-3-EPA oil. The process gives us the ability to physically extract the most polyunsaturated (PUFA) fraction of a feedstock. So the fatty acids are not broken down, or converted into a synthetic form.
  2. Potent: Crystal Oil™ allows us to convert a feedstock into ~50% total omega-3 PUFA in fish oils. The natural triglyceride form is the most bioavailable, and so we are offering the most active elements of an oil by filtering out any omega-3 that resides in less potent fractions
  3. Pure: All Crystal Oil™ are certified as being clean of any environmental toxins, as stipulated by the EU and WHO. No harsh chemicals or additives, which can leave unwanted residues, are being used.
  4. Stable: Crystal Oil™ – in a natural triglyceride form means it does not have residual mono-or diglyceridefatty acids, which are more unstable and may cause increased oxidation. Crystal Oil™ have a similar stability profile to natural feedstock, and respond well to deodorisation and other methods to make them palatable and odourless.
  5. Certified Quality: Crystal Oils™is manufactured according to ISO 9001:2008 standards, it is certified Halal, and manufactured in facilities regisered under NSF GMP program.
  6. Health-enhancing: Crystal Oil™ enhances the benefits of taking omega oils by reducing unwanted saturated fats, so you get maximum health advantages
  7. Consistent: Crystal Oil™ delivers batch-to-batch consistency, overcoming the great variations that can be seen with natural feedstocks, and giving certainty to on-pack specifications.
  8. Accepted: All markets in the world categorise Crystal Oil™ as natural, and there are no obstacles to market entry in the food and OTC sectors.
  9. Cost Effective: Crystal Oil™ offers price advantages over most other competitive methods of concentrating triglycerides, which typically involve more processing steps.
  10. Health Effective:  Being a natural high omega-3-EPA oil, Crystal Oil™ will provide better and faster results at a lower dose compared to other omega-3 oils.

Pure fish oil as nature intended

The unique process, technically known as low temperature fractionation, is gentle and sympathetic to the particular characteristics of long-chain fatty acids. Crystal Mind™ delivers enriched oils that are pure, potent and natural, so perfectly suited for use in foods or quality nutritional supplements.

Crystal Oil™ will be the perfect oil to be used in any formulations for cognitive health, joint health, eye health, heart health for men – as well as for products targeting general well-being.